Musik Theater Kontra-Punkt

Tel.: +49 (0) 178 2097498

The theatre Kontra-Punkt is a music theatre between speech and song for adults, young people and children. In our productions we work both with classical and contemporary music.

We initiate experimental music theatre with a strong emphasis on combining different art genres. Our plays come into being through cooperation with musicians, singers, actors and dancers. Here the main focus is on realising debut performances.

With particular regards to the different character of venues we deal with the conditions that we find there: Theatre as space installation (ex. Rheinufertunnel Düsseldorf, exposition of sculptures from Rückriem, shop floors etc.) The space as an instrument.

A further specialisation is creating new concepts for family concerts. With national and international orchestras we produce programs, which present orchestral music in a clever and rather playful way and by that making it more accessible for children. In family concerts we particularly try to make music visible, bringing together professional artists and amateurs (children) and so showing a path to contemporary music.


Our award-winning premieres

The whale

Little Häwelmann
• Junge Ohren nomination 2012, cooperating projects Kultursekretariat 2015

You are here, you are gone
• Junge Ohren award 2013

The Awful End
• MUSIC THEATRE NOW AWARD 2013, iTi Berlin international presented in Jönköping, S

Our participatory approaches with children and youth

Odyssee-acoustic turbulences for voice and instruments
• Kultur prägt, award NRW 2009

Dance of machines
• Kultur prägt, award NRW 2011, Bundeskulturpreis Mixed Up 2012