Children's Games by Georges Bizet



Children's Games

for piano duet or band music

Project description

The individual sentences of "Children's Games" each have their own heading like "little man - little woman", "the swing", "tree transform" etc. These provide enough food for the childrens' fantasy (and the teachers'). The children invent short stories (all sentences last about 3 minutes), motivated by the music. Then black light objects are made. With these objects (depending on the story and the children acting) the story is played to music.

In the fist rehearsal phase CDs are used for practice. For the final rehearsals and the performance it would be great if two pianists could be found. They must be good enough to be able to adapt to the children's needs. Music schools are often interested in taking part.

- A place to do the play, if possible in a darkened room
- Black drapes (velvet, satin etc., may be possible to borrow this from theatres)
- Black light (can be rented from lighting companies at good conditions or ask at theatres)
- Rehearsal room: at least half the size of a gym hall

- At least one primary school class (3rd or 4th grade)
if required: one working class to manufacture the black light objects

Time: around 25 minutes

Children's Games

Black light theatre for 3rd and 4th grade