Styx from Anestis Logothetis




A pupils` project for everyday life at school

With STYX we have found a work that playfully encourages pupils to tackle contemporaneous music and techniques of composition, and to perform music themselves.
The starting point is a graphic score which allows even beginners to make a creative contribution, as well as bringing together pupils and a symphony orchestra (see the video of the Bergische Symphoniker).
This composition/graphic score also suggests the possibility of a space installation (see the video of Singpause).
At any rate the pupils will finally obtain a work which is highly suitable for an impressive school performance (see the video of the August-Dicke-Schule/Solingen).




…sounds made with stone and sandpaper…Homer`s Odyssey, the widely known epos about the Greek hero Ulysses` adventurous journey home from Troy to Ithaca, is unique in its version by the children`s and youth choir Voices…
The audience applauded enthusiastically. Indeed a brilliant performance!